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MARCH 2015

Sneak peek of the Autumn Winter 14 collection!

Have a look at some of the backstage pics taken during the shooting of our next collection


Autumn Winter 2015: The Concept
El Símbolo de la CRUZ

The concept behind this collection is the cross as a symbol of pure anthitesis in two different historical scenarios: the crusades and WW1.
In the former the cross serves as the reason to fight for the caring and preservation of the Christian faith, carried out in the most paternal-warlike manner.
And in the latter, is the shield and protection for those wounded in the battlefield, carried out with the most maternal-caring manner.


Natividad Buitrón at Y REMIX Store

Find us around around the hipster scene, I mean East London!
At Y Remix, a concept store made by Concept store Y you will find a selection of our A/W14 & SS14 collection surrounded by art pieces. Just pop in the store at 504 Roman Road, E3 5LU London.



During Christmas we had the opportunity to participated in a wonderful charity auction promoted by Ormond street chariry & Tusk Trust.
For this Charity purpose, we gave away a garment -our obsolete coat from the A/W14 collection.
Fortunate to have Sir Timothy Ackroyd as our auctioneer the evening completed with canapes & champagne, prove to be a total sucess and we had a fabulous time.


Behind the Scenes: We have just finished our Spring|Summer 2015 collection, and we feel fantastic.

We had a great time shooting our new collection a week ago and watching how all our designs & ideas came alife under the lights of the Vow Studio and in Ava's stunning figure.
Here some images from behind the scenes of the photoshoot ;)

Special Thanks to:

Photographer: Thomas Sergeant
Jewellery: Fiorella Martinez
Model: Ava Roeg






Our SS15 collection ‘MYSTIC AQUARIUM’ draws inspiration from the delicate work of Paul Klee (such as ‘aquarium’) translating this enchanting atmosphere into garments.

Deeply fascinated by the movement of fish in 3D in an ‘Aquarium’, Klee described it as a magic way that acts almost like a spell. ‘Aquarium’ relates to the mysticism inherent in gothic art but also to the popular theme in Primitive art: fish. In this manner, Klee evokes both of the movements which influenced the Blaue Reiter.

Our silhouettes take their essence from the verticality and rounded shapes ending in acute angles that gothic arcs and fishy shapes describe.
The fabric & colour selection outlines the aquarium realm, with its divine sheer creatures moving on it, depicting the delicacy as well as the stiffness there is in it.






It is all about reconsidering aesthetics of tradition, from which beauty is obsolete but immutable. Using old fashion garments that no longer serve for the purpose they were fabricated for, and which appearance is not contemporary, We try to reproduce the same kind of beauty that these garments inherently have, in an avant-garde manner.
Several costumes are overlapped in this collection in order to interpret this concept from far away approaches, due to the complexity that they hold. Each tradition supplement each other, as they all try to express the same idea.

Padaung (giraffe women) provides oriental force and brutal strength

Black tie, brings in the masculine sophistication

Folklore (regional dress) represents the jubilee of the ever-popular tradition





Autumn/Winter collection in progress... Soft plain wools, tartan ones,thick jerseys, silky velvets, gorgeous damasks, lovely crepes, finest cottons ...

Are just some fabrics you will get to see on the final garments!






The SS14 collection was shot at the end of sept, having Sara Melotti as the photographer and Jade as the model, made the photo shoot really smooth and easy.

Now the collection is ready for you ;)




MAY 2013

The collection is now being developed, tries to define or express the relationship between women and nature.

How the overwhelming harmony, purity and pleasingnes there is in any natural being or space, always serves as an example in our approach to produce ARTIFICIAL BEAUTY.

How originality means, as Gaudi said, coming back to the origins, which is no other thing that our natural environment.

How we react when we face these organic, soft, defined, calming or intricate nature guidelines.

How our response is sometimes confronting them with fear or agitation.

How we translate this disquiet feeling into sharp lines and walls we BUILD in order to somehow make the natural reality dissapear.

How we hide from all the richness there is in the impressively elaborated surronding.

How we construct basic geometric forms and acute angles to escape from all that gorgeous madness.

How we feel truly secure in a corner, when our mind cannot be elavated or disfigured by the superior essence of NATURE.